Treating Myself As A Lover Would Poem by Scarlett Treat

Treating Myself As A Lover Would

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Life has become an empty cage,
Around which I chase my own tail,
A cage full of loneliness,
Unhappiness, and rage!

So Donall said,
'Treat yourself...
As a Lover would...
Such good advice,
And I know I should!

You know, take a long hot bath,
And wear new perfume,
To match the new dress,
And shoes, and purse
I bought for myself...

And lest I forget,
For I don't regret,
At all, the new Diamond Ring! !
Makes my heart sing.

So, now that I am all dressed,
And smelling good,
As a woman should,
Where will I go?
To a Movie Show?

Or a concert,
Where no one is alone,
Save myself? ? ?
Yeah, right!
I just know
I would enjoy the show!

Or should I go to a dance,
And sit, back to the wall
Being able to dance
With no man at all?

Well, guess I will stay right here,
Never mind the tears,
And watch some sorry TV,
And have an ice cream,
Alone again.

Scarlett Treat
May 21,2008

Here's a secret note to all readers - I do go to concerts, art shows, movies, whatever I like - - and my TV is broken! ! This was an experimental say the least! ! Scarlett

Robert Howard 25 May 2008

Fascinating. I couldn't help think that a really good lover of self or of anyone else is always ready to forgive, forget and keep moving.

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Donall Dempsey 22 May 2008

Ahhh, , , I'm sorry! I didn't mean it to be as flippant as that! I know too well that it don't come easy and that it is easier said than done. When I was in a similar postion I decided to treat me as the lover and do things for me that I always wanted to I decided to take me to Paris. Everyone then said from gay friends to Laura lookalikes(the girl I had just lost) that they would love to go to good old gay Paris with me but I turned them all down and said you don't understand...this is just for me and it's me I'm bringing and noone else. I was just trying to take myself out of the situation I was in and be...devoted to me for once! And so the week before I went I found the woman who was to become my wife and then I didn't want to go but I still sticking to my guns went and she followed after and we got married in Paris. Now I can't gaurantee that all that will happen to you but it all started with that decision of treating me as I would have treated a lover(if I had had one) maybe it opened up a frequencey in me that allowed her to tune in and in she came easy as song heard over the radio on a summer evening. love Donall Donall

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It's the very best advice, but with those sparklers on you do need to go out and party sweetheart.... I think all too many will relate to this one - I know I do. t x

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