Trying To Be Brave Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

Trying To Be Brave

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I'm aware I said I wouldn't do it again
But of course I knew I probably would
I slept with the man with the great hugs
I did it, I think, because I wanted to and could

I know nothing will ever come from it
But it seems he really pays attention
When I need it and am feeling alone
It's very comforting, and sweet, not to mention

Afterwards he gets extremely quiet
I'm curious as to what it is he's thinking
I just can't help myself but to hug him
Then he leaves and again I start sinking

Nothing fills the lonely emptiness
Definately not these one night things
But my hugger and my lover help alot
And with them there are no strings

I know my hugger cares for me at little
Now my lover I can't yet say that for
But I know whenever we part ways
I want to go running back for more

My life is really quite busy right now
Between my kids and my job
There isn't time for a relationship
But alone, by myself, I began to sob

Can I really live life alone by myself?
That is something I need to find out
I think I need the personal contact also
'Cause I know that's what it's all about

Holding someone and being held
This is what I really, truly crave
Is there someone out there like that?
If not I'll, alone, try to be brave


Thomas Viruvelil 18 September 2005

I feel the terrible pain of being alone Having no one to share your feelings, worries Having no one to listen to you Having no one to dream with you Having no one to be a part of you Having no other heart close to you So that your heart beats can hear another heart beat closely and when your belly rises when you breath If it can touch another belly warm near with those hands hugging you, holding you close to make you feel sleepy in the comfort of those hands and sleep like an innocent baby

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Theorem Thetruthserum 17 September 2005

Yes there are plenty out there like's just hard to go up to someone and ask them that. It is a hard thing to get out of someone. People keep that quiet. I liked this poem a is me too minus the one nighters...I have never really done one...well I have done one and I am done.

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Angelique' Rockwell

Angelique' Rockwell

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