Two Or Three Poem by M.J. Lemon

Two Or Three

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Two, better than one
So three must be better still
Then why do I fall?

Kumarmani Mahakul 20 March 2019

A meaningful haiku so nicely delineated. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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Mj Lemon 26 April 2020

Thank you so much for reading, Kumarmani.

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Loke Kok Yee 28 April 2018

Two makes a pair, one more can only cause friction; sometimes one may be the best way to go.Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks Mj

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Mj Lemon 29 April 2018

And thank you, Loke. Indeed, the virtues of 1!

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Jaya Das 30 March 2018

great poem... loved it

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Mj Lemon 30 March 2018

Thank you, Jaya. Thank you for reading.

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Muhammad Ali 11 July 2017

in a poem i said O Great God. treat those moments. when he dies. to keep me alive .. very nice poem and not little, i think about the social mentality and that is not pure positive. i like this puzzle Haiku. So, two better than one, if one should fall. i should, before we all.

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Mj Lemon 11 July 2017

Insightful perspective, Muhammad. Thank you so much.

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Bri Edwards 28 April 2017

i'm still not sure i 'get it'. ;)

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Mj Lemon 29 April 2017

I think Terry 'got it.' It is, to some degree, a numbers game.....

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