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Umbrellas In The Rain

Rating: 4.8

An assortment of coloured umbrellas,
Fending off the rain,
I wonder if those, concealed underneath,
Have had lives disturbed by pain,
With the greyness of the sky above,
Their bodies crouching low,
What is the message that greets the eye
Where do all these 'bodies' go,
There's a feeling that they may be hiding
Not only from the rain,

But that is just a 'thought' of mine,
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Nickoli Rominofsky 31 January 2006

Umbrellas, that hide you from the world. Umbrellas, privacy, as the rain beats a peaceful tune above you. Until you wrote this, who would have thought, Umbrellas could provide a sanctuary from the frantic world around you. This is so thought provoking, I could go on forever. However, I shall resist the temtation, and say to you...as always, you write so well. With great respect. Nickoli

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Mary Nagy 16 September 2005

I really like this one Ernestine. I know I enjoy 'hiding' underneath an umbrella when it's raining. It's sort of nice when you can just pull it way down and know nobody can see your face at all.......no concern for what you look like, how your expressions seem....just walk and ignore the world. Very nice poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Uriah Hamilton 16 September 2005

You're probably right, Ernestine, rain and umbrellas conjure up mystery and loneliness to me.

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subiksha 09 March 2019


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Matthew Holloway 18 November 2018

I enjoyed reading this poem it has a lovely sound to it

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Marmaduke Williams 04 June 2013

I love the symbolism you used of the rain being Hitler and the bodies of people being Jews! [3 well done!

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Alison Cassidy 10 May 2008

We've been dancing with rainbow umbrellas this week, which is why I had to visit this one. And am so glad I did. What an enchanting poem - and such a unique approach to a familiar subject (in your country especially he he) - the mystery of those hidden beneath the forest of rain blockers. Lovely read. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Duncan Wyllie 19 February 2006

Lets through away our umbrellas and laugh at each over as we realise that we can cope much better than we thought without them.Great write Love Duncan

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