Unblotted Pages Poem by Scarlett Treat

Unblotted Pages

Rating: 3.2

There are times
When the heart
Tells the hand
What to write,

But it is not always
An easy task
To turn from
A ruined page
To a new page,

Fresh and clean,
Sparkling white,
Shining bright,
Unblotted by the ink
Of previous words.

December 22,2007
Scarlett Treat

Donall Dempsey 03 January 2008

As long as it is the heart that tells the hand to write then even a blot can take the shape of a heart so nothing is lost....as long as you are aware that it can be...so. love Donall Donall

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Alison Cassidy 26 December 2007

This one reminds me of childhood memories and 'new' exercise books into which expectations of perfection could be dreamed, but never realised. Yes, that first page that smelled like no other. I love your unblotted pages image - great title, profound penning. love, Allie xxxx

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Your second stanza is an analogy for so much. The third follows on. Whether intended as a 'writing' thing or a 'life' thing... this works. Almost harshly. It is brilliant. t x

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Marilyn Lott 22 December 2007

Yes, Scarlett! A brand new chapter with fresh new pages! And perhaps the best words you ever wrote! I love this! Marilyn

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Scarlett Treat

Scarlett Treat

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