Unspoken Love Poem by Misty Heart

Unspoken Love

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Inspite the distance, a guy fell in love; to a girl he hadn't seen. He tried to hide the feelings he have. Afraid of what it might bring.

And so their friendship goes on and on, Separated by oceans they grew strong.
No one knows what's going on
To their hearts which knew no wrong.

The guy was afraid to let her know;
Of his feelings for her. By friendly means he let it show; That he cared for her more.

He made her feel special; considered her as a treasure. But he felt, to her he's just a pal.
Who'll always be there for her.

Told her he had a girlfriend; to know what he means to her. Making her jealous; is what he intend; But disappointed in what he heard.

She told him she's glad; and supported him all along. And so he has gone mad, in his self... realizing he's wrong.

He thought she'd never love him; Love him more than a friend. He felt he's in a place so dim; But then continued to pretend.

He continued to hide his unspoken love; Even though he felt so sure. He never knew the hurt he'd have. Knew in silence it hurts more.

And so he gave up loving her; Feeling helpless and down. Realized a thing he couldn't bear;
She's a jewel he couldn't own.

A day came the girl bid goodbye; with no reasons just making an end. He tried so hard not to cry; For he lost a special friend.

Days passed by and by; the hurt was slowly gone. He can't do nothing but sigh; when he recalled of that special one.

He never knew the reason why; that girl had to say goodbye. He never asked...never tried;
Afraid to know she had a guy.

He never knew she loves him so; and was so hurt by what he said. She tried hard not to let go; of a friendship that's long ago made.

He never knew she waited long; Long to hear something from him. Never knew she's not that strong; to endure of his girlfriend's name.

Unspoken love... unspoken feelings; Can hurt people in many ways. Can complicate even simple things. Now they're both on separate ways.

Don't wait till it's too late; to tell someone how you feel. For it's hard to enter a closed gate...
Where words are lost to tell.

Christopher Turner 18 August 2006

I love this poem, I can really feel it. I know what the character was going through because I've experienced that myself. C.G.Turner

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