What's The Secret? Poem by Misty Heart

What's The Secret?

There was this pretty woman
walking in the crowded street.
All the people, all the dogs
had turned their heads to greet.
I asked.
What's the secret?
She said:
It's in the way I look at them;
the way my hips were swayed;
the way my smile affect them...
still, that passion in me stayed.

She slowly walked ahead of me
I was left with just a clue.
I merely thought of mystery...
which i think i couldn't do.
I asked.
What's the secret?
My mind:
It's in her hands that gently touch
and reach out to the weak;
It's in her mind that knows to hold;
to understand and seek.

I looked at her intently
in the middle of the stage.
It was the time she said her speech
that all the people were amazed.
I asked.
What's the secret?
She said:
It's in my words of wisdom
and the way my lips were curved;
It's in the way my heart speaks...
that their hearts were all disturbed.

I pondered what she said;
still the puzzle is unsolved.
I still dont know the secret
'spite the touching message told.
I thought.
What's the secret?
My heart:
It's in her eyes that search the soul;
that reach out deep inside.
It's in the way her action speaks;
that all the things abide.

Alone... confused, she held me
to a part where there is light.
She had the way of telling things...
those things which seem so right.
I asked.
What's the secret?
She said:
It's in the faith I have in me
and the heart that understands.
It's in the hope that never fades;
it's in the Savior's hands.

I smiled at last...
our hearts are one.
So i guess this is the end.
I have to tell you she is my mom...
Would you ask?
There is no secret.
It's just yourself that makes you 'you'
and the love that always come.
It's in the smiles of tender child;
harmony in every home.

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