M.J. Lemon

Urbanity - Poem by M.J. Lemon

People in this city come and go
Buildings walk away
Carried to the landfills

A neighbour reclaims sod
Placing old boards and bricks together
Births makeshift living space

Before any earthquake strikes
Taxes take, authorities take
What greater change can-
any disaster make?

Topic(s) of this poem: survival

Comments about Urbanity by M.J. Lemon

  • Valsa George (10/7/2017 7:58:00 AM)

    With every disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake, there will be untold destruction and people who have lost their houses can now afford only makeshift houses and that too in landfills! Usually its effect will be felt more in urban areas where there is a floating population! However survival becomes an ordeal with every disaster! You have conveyed so much! (Report) Reply

    (10/7/2017 10:58:00 PM)

    Thank you so much, Valsa. The disasters, as you say, can be great or small. Sometimes the ones with the most devastating impact are extremely personal.

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  • Bri Edwards (4/28/2017 8:00:00 PM)

    Births? ohhhh. 'gives birth to' i guess. :)

    greater changes, you ask?


    Perhaps you'd like............TO..
    have that building fall on YOU?
    Onto your head? Onto....you?
    A quaking 'Shake' can do it too!

    bri :)

    damn! now i see i'd already commented! rats! another five minutes gone from my life.
    (Report) Reply

    (4/29/2017 11:32:00 PM)

    Rome wasn't built in a day.....But 5 minutes! ? There you have me thinking......And, by the way, a great reply this time around.....very Dr. Seussesque, if that can be a word.

  • Terry Craddock (2/5/2017 11:53:00 PM)

    'People in this city come and go
    Buildings walk away
    Carried to the landfills'

    this is brilliant, the entire poem is brilliant, especially taxes and authorities out taking earthquakes, puts government and civil authority damage disasters into perspective
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    (2/6/2017 11:11:00 PM)

    Thank you so much, Terry. Government action (or inaction) can indeed accomplish what natural disasters do.

  • Edward Kofi Louis (1/25/2017 3:16:00 PM)

    Hustle and bustle! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us. (Report) Reply

    (1/26/2017 1:09:00 PM)

    Thank you, Edward. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • Susan Williams (8/17/2016 2:56:00 PM)

    Buildings walk away
    Carried to the landfills- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - that is so visual- - so heartbreaking in its own way because buildings are inhabited with memories- -yet we go on, building more, building better, building higher and the landfills continue growing higher as well. fascinating write.
    (Report) Reply

    (8/27/2016 11:43:00 PM)

    Thank you so much, Susan. And those landfills- -they seem to grow faster than the buildings.

  • Moira Cameron (3/24/2016 4:30:00 PM)

    You could have called this poem Phoenix. It is a testament to our humanity that we - always - continue; that we - determinedly - survive. (Report) Reply

    (3/24/2016 11:30:00 PM)

    Moira, yes that would work. I think I could do something with Phoenix that would explore a related theme.

  • Melvina Germain (10/19/2015 7:09:00 PM)

    Perhaps a disaster is exactly what is needed to begin anew, taking away from all old structures, paid out by insurance companies leaving the individual to a brand new start. All taxes paid up, move forward into a new light. Your poem presents a lot of food for thought...Fantastic...10 (Report) Reply

    (10/19/2015 8:43:00 PM)

    Thank you so much, Melvina. I was, yes, thinking that a great disaster does amount to not only finality, but that new opportunity to move forward.

  • (10/9/2015 8:09:00 AM)

    Very witty and enjoyable. You had me at taxes. (Report) Reply

    (10/9/2015 12:31:00 PM)

    Thank you so very much. That's where I had me, too...

  • Bri Edwards (10/7/2015 10:27:00 PM)

    interesting kevin p. comment.
    births as a verb?

    which of these online definitions****** do you mean? my first guess is the first;

    i did NOT know until now that survival is a topic choice on PH!

    this certainly is a bite to chew on.
    this poem shall appear in part b of my/our October a showcase for PH poets............once i get it going, hopefully within the next few days.

    ******- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1. A piece of dirt and grass, usually found stuck to the bottom of shoes after running (Or walking) On a muddy field.

    2. Short for Sodomy, meaning anal sex, which comes from the Sodomites of Sodom. This term, usually used in a derogatory manner, can be used to say fuck off, as in Sod off or it can be used as an adjective That sodding bastard

    3. An idiot, a fool. Someone you dislike.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    thanks, bri :)
    (Report) Reply

    (10/8/2015 12:47:00 PM)

    Hi Bri,

    Birth? ? A verb? ? O yes! ! I love your work with sod. And thanks again for including this in the showcase. Your showcase project just keeps getting better and better.

  • (9/13/2015 5:10:00 PM)

    Reread this three or four times, and found something slightly different from each read, for me its like you've taken a sledgehammer and shattered the mythic nature of urban metropolitans people escape small town enclaves so that they can find occupations and fortunes that smaller environments cannot sustain, the irony of a city is that with so many people congregating in dense populations, the nature of the individual person is crushed under the weight of the total population added to that the cost of living is astronomically high that a one bed room sardine can is probably cost as much as a small house in a rural area. Sorry for the rant Im probably off base but this is great stuff, I especially love the last four lines, that had me laughing :) . Great stuff! (Report) Reply

    (9/14/2015 2:50:00 AM)

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks so much for reading. And you are right....I like your interpretation, a lot. And I designed the poem so that it can be read in several ways. I prefer the comic, but someone pointed out that there is a tragic element...and that goes back to your observation about the destruction of individual identity...How one takes the poem may be related to how one reads the title.

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (9/8/2015 2:14:00 AM)

    Before any earthquake strikes
    Taxes take, authorities take
    What greater change can-
    any disaster make? .......Yes, true dictum. A disaster can make topsy turvy within a moment which hinders the taxes take and authorities take. So nicely and wisely penned dear Lemon, thanks for sharing......10
    (Report) Reply

    (9/8/2015 6:10:00 PM)

    And thank you! I am not sure which type of the disasters causes the most harm.

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