Voices In My Head Poem by Jim Yerman

Voices In My Head

Rating: 5.0

I was once taught it was crazy (at least that's what my Psychology professor said) for a person…any person…to hear voices in their head.

I understand the lesson my psychology professor was conveying…but I also know it all depends on what those voices might be saying.

I hear the voices of my parents as they were helping me to grow…I hear the voices of our children and grandchildren from not so long ago.

I hear the voices of my family as we celebrate a special day…I hear the voices of many a friend whom I've met along the way.

Some voices I hear help guide me…as they were meant to do…other voices, quite simply, I just love to listen to.

Whether these voices are giving me counsel…or allowing me sweet reveries…they have become my sense of right and wrong as well as a link to my memories.

Listening to these voices I've learned the world is not as black and white as my psychology professor said…
and that you don't have to be crazy…
to hear voices in your head.

Smoky Hoss 14 April 2021

Nothing crazy about hearing voices of love, awe and wonder... all of which, naturally, live within you. Beautiful poem!

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Kim Barney 14 April 2021

Jim, thank you for this poem! It is brilliant and full of wisdom! I have given it five stars and added it to my favorites list!

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