.waiting For The World To Change Poem by Linda Moore

.waiting For The World To Change

Rating: 2.6

Sustained in Love, strong, constant, steadfast, giving of their best.
Concerned pushing forward in their quest, to improve Human existence. ' An Independent Mind ' intelligent, with vision.
Those who see a time of awakening and nurture that spark in us that is electric. The power that lights life to all that is more.
Representatives of Peace, Advocates to Love,
Citizenry of Discernment, who know Peace and Love to be the only path to advancement that is lasting.


The 'World' will evolve as it has with or without it's free-loading living inhabitants When Man with war aggressive brain became tenants their victims will still 'Wait For The World To Change'. It will be of Earth's unremorseful reaction to do what is has done countless times before. Your poetic elixir of 'human' recipe for peace is admirable, however, unless we gather from wherever human spirit share Love, and empathy and respect its Omnipresence, Man will self destruct with his ignorant controversies and greed. Indeed, 'The golden Rule is mightier than the sword in the hands of loveless, forsaken inhuman creatures. You do manage to seed and inspire, Well done! Rating? Immeasurable

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Meggie Gultiano 18 June 2009

a very positive write Linda.Glad i was able to read this.A nice inspiring write Hugs, Meggie

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Kesav Easwaran 09 February 2009

great words, Linda...if there is a 'Nobel' for 'peace on few words' alone, i would recommend yours this write standing on any roof top...10

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Chitra - 30 January 2009

a timely call..definitely inspiring...

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