Waking Dreams Poem by Soran M. H

Waking Dreams

Rating: 5.0

On the bed
a black river
like a wounded snake
Passing inside neuron
before reaching
A centre of decision
dam stopping it
parting it from the dream
to be a giant wave
In the heart of ocean

Outside the bed
inside the room
the size of the head is shrinking
the river changed to a stream
flowing up
Inside the arteries
at last to reach those harbors
Ships have anchored there
before starting their long journey
But suddenly
the door of the room opens
A stream floats into the street
in the angry dog days of summer
became a mirage

On a wide, long way
A drop of water
turning fast such as a small ball bearing
searching for a skull
but has no chance
to reach the source:
that always is gushing
all night the moon inside it
Precisely stares at herself..

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2019

Dark! ! Muse, Fuse! A vlack

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Soran M. H 25 July 2020

Hi Robert, nice to me hearing from you again, actually you are belong the elite class of the intelligentsia, definitely the mind main is the source of creativity and literary works. Few people enjoy reading this deep poem with wide interpretations and indications. Thank you for your comment, All the best

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Soran M. H 17 February 2020

Dear poet Susan...in my point of view you are one trustful lover of poetry..your way of reading poetry telling me that.. Telling me how professional are you...even your works showing the same truth.. I wish you every success..I am sure the poetry world would be fine while there are some serious writer and reader same as you and Daniel....and some others...thanks again for your lovely comment..

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Susan Williams 16 February 2020

a black river like a wounded snake- - - - - > wow, now that is painting a very incredible picture for your reader in just a few words! ! ! That is writing! ! ! dam stopping it / parting it from the dream / to be a giant wave / In the heart of ocean- - that is original thinking, Soran, showing you are a man of empathy

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Shaun Cronick 31 December 2019

Wow! Superb writing here Soran filled with many a rich and wondrous line 'in the angry dog days of summer'. Love it simply a sublimely written poem for any soul to take much solace from and reflect on existence at the same time. This is without doubt one of the best I've read this year.10++and added to my soul searching favourites..

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Soran M. H 01 January 2020

Don't Worry about forgetting your manners. you are respecting poems so much that is why you are very academically focusing on the poem not any thing out side them, and as you know the quality is much important than quantities, I worked on some of my poems for weeks to finalize them, always I try to write an open text with various meanings and understanding...Cheers

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Shaun Cronick 31 December 2019

Forgive me Soran, I forgot my manners.. I wish you and the loved ones around you a happy new year and all the good it can bestow on one and all.

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Soran M. H 31 December 2019

Honestly and without doubt you are one of these poets who is recognizing the genuine rich texts and can interpreting them in different ways, wish you all the best and a happy new year to you....

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2019

Dark, Muse, A black river! ! Able to reach out to the source. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Soran M. H 25 December 2019

thanks definitely you have picked up the essential meaning of terms from the poem, not every one can do it...Kind regards

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