Crying Of The Pen Poem by Soran M. H

Crying Of The Pen

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Between me and the past
There is a low wall.
Sometimes i look over it
Into the spirit of an uprooted hedge
Which could not withstand the shepherd's anger.
Now the abandoned cat which fled from the crowed
Wanders there perplexed.

Tired days
Nodded their heads
To the mountain pass,
But it was not ended.
Now is drowned in the dark night,
The nightingale in the old walnut tree
Cannot sing of life's lessons.

Yesterday was a butterfly
Which did not know the language of anguish.
It read the lessons of mercy
In the light of the candle.
One night it wished to kiss the light
But the flame consume it,
Flaring white,
Returning it to the district of the past.

Crying Of The Pen
Friday, March 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2019

Memories! ! ! Uprooted! ! ! ! ! ! Movements, Today! Positiveness, Moving forward. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Soran M. H 26 December 2019

as usual you have picked up the main key words to open the door of this poem Excellent Dear friend

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Shaun Cronick 24 December 2019

A bona fide, enchanting poem with beautiful images delivered in spades. Simply a joy to read from its beautiful start to its beautiful finish. You write so sublimely Soran, captivating one and all taking all readers to your imagination palace to share. Thank you so much sir.10++ and added to my poem treasure chest.

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Soran M. H 26 December 2019

your comments are very precious and valuable to me.. Kind regards and thank you for reading this poem

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Susan Williams 03 February 2020

There is so much contained emotion in these lines- absolutely stunning piece of work

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David Wood 14 January 2022

Very emotional poem - drowning in dark nights resonates s does the last stanza. Excellent poem.

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Susan Williams 08 October 2020

That ending torments me. You obviously know the language of anguish. You obviously know the value of using one word over another when you chose to write " One night it wished to kiss the light" - - kiss- -the word is so intimate, so part of the language of love and attraction and passion and look what is happening- it is the reason for its death, an unknowing reason, no suicide this- this poor creature was killed by its desire for light. A million stars for this poem.

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Susan Williams 08 October 2020

I am having difficulty in finding a poem of yours that I have not read before. You simply must get on the stick and write a thousand more so I will have great reading material for a week! ! ! ! But I have read your poems- sometimes five times over- and I keep finding jewels in their lines and depths in their words I hadn't plumbed before. So... buckle up, my friend... I am going to enjoy reading your poetry over and over again and gain great insights by so doing.

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Anjandev Roy 27 September 2020

This is a remarkable write..........thank u, dear poet.......anjandev roy.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 August 2020

The final stanza is so thought provoking. A struggle to embrace the light but consumed by darkness A wonderful poem worth revisiting. So beautifully crafted.

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