Narrative Of A Long Night Poem by Soran M. H

Narrative Of A Long Night

Rating: 5.0

Night is fallen
and the single star writing in the heavens

The silence of stars
Shining from the heavens

The oak tree's hair is unkempt,
its root parched
by stony-hearted clouds
whose teardrops never fall.
The oaks are become
monuments for the squirrels
who ran before the hunter's cries -
the trees do not thirst
for the squirrels' blood
In their passion the oaks
have burnt themselves,
one by one.

The stars silently from the
Heavens shining,

Hungry squirrels are left there
until they die, dreaming
of what lies outside
the cold and putrid rooms,
Iron- doored, lights extinguished.
The hunters say:
We bring comfort of the green of spring
and the yellow of summer,
but the wild squirrels are grey.

The breeze deceives the cypress
while the wind cuts off its leg
and leaves fall, hopeless,
without farewell to the tree -
that high roost of a tired stork.

Old children crawl
toward the vase
where their age was grown
but the breeze deceived and was the wind
and the vase, like the mirror, is cracked.

considering the moon
sell the flower vase
but their hands cannot reach the moon
and they have been dreaming.

Stars silently from
The heavens shining

In the jail
the noise increases...
in the trading room
the noise increases...
but the light in the squirrel's eyes is gone
and the storks seeks a new country
where no-one will cast him out.

In the corner of the terminal,
drifting in the sleep of waiting,
the babble of the building
disturbs this young man's thoughts

The sun has deceived you -
it will not rise again
until this century of night is ended
and the sunflowers may raises their heads once


Friday, August 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: surrealism
Edward Kofi Louis 27 December 2019

Stars of the night! ! Thoughts and memories; Like storks seeking for a new Country. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Soran M. H 29 December 2019

thanks Edward for having time to read my poem, appreciating your comment...cheers

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Kesav Easwaran 26 January 2020

" The hunters say: We bring comfort of the green of spring and the yellow of summer, but the wild squirrels are grey" Brilliant lines. Your poems I find are images rich adorned by beautiful words. And this one also. Nice write 10+

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Soran M. H 27 January 2020

Oh yes definitely there are many tragedy stories included this type of poem, but the problem is that we need some wise people to understanding them and discovering their hidden gems, thanks so much Dear Kesav for your lovely comment

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Susan Williams 02 February 2020

So extremely well-written, Soran. I am going to reread this one often and savor the sheer poetic talent flowing through your pen. 10+ and onto my fav list

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Dr Dillip K Swain 02 November 2021

A great poem! Lofty expression.... just magnificent. To score

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 November 2021

Beautifully crafted and very thought provoking. An unusual piece of art. To my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 November 2021

This brilliant work takes us to realm of the unconscious mind of the wonderful Poet and we dig into his mind, making us think deeper to fully grasp the meaning of his thoughts.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 November 2021

A great and one of a kind poem characterized by dream like visuals, symbolism and collage and compelling images.

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Soran M. H 25 August 2020

Dear poet Aarzoo Mehek Hello Thank you for sparing your time to read my humble poem, , really your generous commentary encouraging me to write better, kind regards keep writing and stay blessed

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