Walking Away Poem by Jeri Martindale

Walking Away

No one was there to see me as I slowly walked away; believing in the feeling that lead my beloved heart.
Everything changed in the blink of an eye and for once I jumped upon the shooting star to fly toward the light.
No one now can be afraid for me; I'm standing on the golden gates, gazing into my life.
Oh, how could I have missed what was right before me the entire time?
No one watched as I walked into my cloud of thoughts to receive the gift i did not know existed.
Everything lost in a world of illusions that began to seem so real, but they could not be touched.
No one to talk to as I lay here in contemplation; laying in a pool of flashing colors, it flashed before my eyes.
Hey, didn't it try to face me everyday, only to be abandoned as I slowly turned away?
No one quite understood how they missed me on the journey toward the source.
Everything seemed to move by in waves as the wind touched my skin, yet held my head up until the end.
No one saw the vision that flashed before my face; it knocked me off my golden gate, off my falling star.
Hmm, how could I hold myself in disbelief knowing I could follow the love growing all this time?

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