Was It Heaven Or Hell Poem by Crystal Pierce

Was It Heaven Or Hell

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Was it heaven or hell?
Old as they were to young to know.
I hope they are well,
wherever they go.

They cursed on Fridays,
and prayed on Sundays.
So how could I know,
where they may go?

They were kind souls,
but their life was filled with holes.
I wonder what they were thinking, when they died.
Did the Death Angel look them in the eye?

There are many questions to ask,
but I'll wait for someone else to pass.
So what was it, did they do life swell.
It's either heaven or hell.

Monday, March 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death of a friend
Jenie Franksay 31 March 2015

a nice poem on sensitive topic... liked it... keep writing... looking forward to your feedback.. thanks :)

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Crystal Pierce 02 April 2015

Thank you Jenie Franksay. And to be honest I got the idea from Mark Twain. He wrote a short story called Was It Heaven or Hell, and it was about two old sisters you had never lied and then fell sinful when their niece and great niece fell ill. And I probably just bored you to death with that but that's the story and I'm sticken to it. Haha

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Rajnish Manga 19 November 2016

Stray thoughts coming out of a sad person upon the death of a friend trying to find answers to some obvious questions about after life. Thanks. They were kind souls, but their life was filled with holes. There are many questions to ask,

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Howard Savage 10 January 2016

Great question concerning Love ones gone on.

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Sreekala Sukumaran 21 May 2015

well written crystal, i enjoyed reading it. Wish you Good Luck and keep continuing it..

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Susmita Kumari 07 April 2015

nice poem, crystal....i like it....nicely written...thanks for sharing...

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Crystal Pierce 09 April 2015

Welcome and thanks for commenting.

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Bri Edwards 01 April 2015

pretty good rhyming for a '15-year-old'. but, PROOFREAD your poem, and if you've done it once, i suggest doing it again. if you have any questions, please ask. let me see another one! thanks for sharing. i swear 24/7; where will i GO? ? ? ! bri :) [ok, not 24/7]

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Crystal Pierce 02 April 2015

Yeah, it's a habit of mine not to look back through what I've typed. LOLZ

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