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To think of your lover,
how could there be any other?
Another soul to stay near you,
so you won't be blue.

The moonlight was our guiding light,
and it was passion we were trying to fight.
We were nervous, and our hearts were beating fast,
I wanted this moment to never pass.

The beginning of this story,
starts with an overwhelming worry.
The constant feeling of something wrong
gnaws and eats away at my insides, strong.

Was it heaven or hell?
Old as they were to young to know.
I hope they are well,
wherever they go.

Never underestimate the mind of girls.
Yes, our emotions have a million swirls,
but we are strong!
Never doubt us, we're never wrong.

Don't say good bye.
For when you do I will surely cry.
The tears will flow down my face,
as you leave our secret place.

The question that lingers the most is why?
Why must I open my sarcastic mouth to joke?
why must criticize people as they go by?
Why is it most dangerous animals that I want to poke?

Short stack, yep, that's me.
Being short is never who I wanted to be.
All my friends look down to see me,
and laugh when I try and stand tall.

Built up, and feeling happy.
I'm cheery and smiling.
He makes me happy.
He keeps me smiling.

Do you want to go with me
to drink tea?
Let's see what trouble we can get into with the Red Queen.
Let's go and be free!

A simple soul wonders
as the world makes it ponder.
It shows mercy.
So do you see?


I want to explain how I feel.
But this feeling is too real.
He's taken my heart already,
and now my worries don't weigh so heavy.

I couldn't help myself.
I couldn't stand the thought.
I didn't want to be by myself.
We shouldn't have fought.

My heart is a porcelain bowl.
It holds a lot.
It withstands extreme temperatures.
From red hot anger

Me, myself, and I.
Sometimes we wish to die.
We go through life day by day.
That's the only way.

The silence blinds me for a second.
The stage is lit to perfection.
I take my seat and let out a long breath.
Don't let me freeze up, please!

I loved you
and you loved me.
We always thought
it was meant to be.

I stopped breathing that day.
My heart fell out of my chest and into my hands where I dropped it.
I stomped on it and covered every crevice with dirt and cement.
Your lack of emotion towards the subject pushed me back away from you.

My mask covers my face,
from the fear all over the place.
It tells my lies,
as it covers my tearful eyes.

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I'm just here to get my mind off of things. I have another account Crystal Mahaffey. I couldn't in this one so I made another account. Same person different accounts.)

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To Think Of A Lover

To think of your lover,
how could there be any other?
Another soul to stay near you,
so you won't be blue.

Another heart,
that would break if you were to part.
How could you leave someone like this?
With them life is bliss.

To think of your lover,
is to think of no other.
That one person that holds your hand,
the one that takes you to a different land.

Someone to have for Valentine's.
Someone you can call 'mine'.
A true heart to stand by you.
Someone only for you.

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