Anxiety Poem by Crystal Pierce


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The beginning of this story,
starts with an overwhelming worry.
The constant feeling of something wrong
gnaws and eats away at my insides, strong.
It makes my stomach feel sick,
and my poor heart almost skip a t tick.
My body runs hot but somehow I'm cold,
it's making me ache like I am old.
The Thud-up of my heart is off beat,
making me uncomfortable in my seat.
My eyes are teary, and my head falls heavy,
then comes the blackouts which are always scary.
This feeling last for hours,
draining me of all my powers.
This happens any and everywhere,
and most seem to be unaware.
I have to get up and leave,
so my heart can be relieved.
my tears leave trails, as my body shudders,
which then triggers an embarrassing stutter.
I want to live anxiety free.
I just want to be the old me.

Monday, May 15, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: anxiety
In the last year or two I was diagnosed with anxiety. Well, not diagnosed but I was classified to have it. I do take medicine for it. But I try to leave without it. It's hard some days. I don't feel like trying to suppress and I let it over take me completely.I'm trying to cope with it by writing poems with more feeling to them. I hope you guys enjoy.
Rebecca Navarre 28 May 2017

Oh This Is An Excellent Poem! ! ! ! ! On Anxiety! ! ! ! ! A Very Hard Thing To Live With.. I Too Suffer From Such...Believe Many Do, , , , In Today's So Called Modern World... I Too Have Found Poetry As A Wonderful Way To Vent/Cope... Meds me too. They are okay, guess i'd have a harder time with out! ! ! There Are Wonderful Relaxing Nature Video's On UTube... If. Anyway. Wonderful Job! ! ! ! ! Thank You So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! So Very Many Many 10S! ! ! ! ! +++++

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Bri Edwards 19 May 2017

and my poor heart almost skip a t tick..............i don't know if t tick is on purpose, like a stutter, or if it is a typo. i kind of like it....................OH! i now see your mention of stutter near the poem's ending. nice! well, NOT NICE; you know what i mean, i think. :) in your Poet's Notes: do you mean leave? ? ? in: But I try to leave without it............or live? ? :) i would also use overtake, not over take in your notes. AM I MAKING YOU ANXIOUS? ! i hope not. : ( it is not always a good idea to skip meds (medicines) . i applaud trying to use poetry as a calming effect. maybe you DON'T skip meds; it was not clear to me in your notes. to MyPoemList. and i'll use this as the 2nd poem accepted to be in June 2017's showcase on my PH site. bri :) i'll let you know when the first bunch of poems is in the showcase for viewing. i really like this poem. good luck with the anxiety! ! ! !

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Unnikrishnan E S 15 May 2017

Hi Chryssa, The following lines, true to the core: My eyes are teary, and my head falls heavy, then comes the blackouts which are always scary. This feeling last for hours, draining me of all my powers. A really harrowing experience. You have been able to convey the feelings to the reader in its entirety. With all its harshness. I write this with a heavy heart. A big bow to your poetic ability; creativity; word-power; immense talent! ! !

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Unnikrishnan E S 15 May 2017

Hi Chrysssa, Yes, Chryssa with a capital C. You are wonderful. I am so happy you are. The first step treat a problem is to know that you have a problem. You know that you have minor problem; so it is half-cured. The best medicine is laughter. So laugh. And to get rid of a problem you have to share it with others. That is what you have been doing on PH. So continue to do so. Write more and share on ph. And this poem I loved. For its forthrightness. For its rhyme and meter. You have a fantastic vocabulary and know how to use it. The right word at the right place to convey the feeling in full. Marvelous write. Absolutely fantastic. Just added to my fav, so that I can come back to read again... The Big Thank You for sharing this one and a fuulest 100++

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