Crystal Pierce Poems

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To Think Of A Lover

To think of your lover,
how could there be any other?
Another soul to stay near you,
so you won't be blue.


The moonlight was our guiding light,
and it was passion we were trying to fight.
We were nervous, and our hearts were beating fast,
I wanted this moment to never pass.


The beginning of this story,
starts with an overwhelming worry.
The constant feeling of something wrong
gnaws and eats away at my insides, strong.

Was It Heaven Or Hell

Was it heaven or hell?
Old as they were to young to know.
I hope they are well,
wherever they go.

Girl Power

Never underestimate the mind of girls.
Yes, our emotions have a million swirls,
but we are strong!
Never doubt us, we're never wrong.

Don'T Say Good Bye

Don't say good bye.
For when you do I will surely cry.
The tears will flow down my face,
as you leave our secret place.

One Lingering Question

The question that lingers the most is why?
Why must I open my sarcastic mouth to joke?
why must criticize people as they go by?
Why is it most dangerous animals that I want to poke?

Shorty Shorty

Short stack, yep, that's me.
Being short is never who I wanted to be.
All my friends look down to see me,
and laugh when I try and stand tall.

Built Up, Feeling Happy, And Smiling

Built up, and feeling happy.
I'm cheery and smiling.
He makes me happy.
He keeps me smiling.

I Am

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