Water Lily I Met At Work Poem by Cretan Maineiac

Water Lily I Met At Work

Rating: 5.0

No thorns, limbs sashay longly, cheetah
walk toward
no prey, footloose, her dark blond hair

streaming, no intrusion. (Beer) 'Could I've
one? ' No
harm. 'Lotsa' people hang

out here.' No blame. (Smoke)
'Peace, ' she said,
in Chrystal clear Downeast, an aroma eluding words, &

a smile that lights a soggy
joint. 'Peace, '
she says, again,

long as she looks past the sniffing. '...I
don't think I've ever
voted... [T]here's a pebble in my shoe...' (and those

feet!) , nature jealously scraping along
her only
tan-less feature, limnable as last year's hangups.

She turns twenty-nine today,
loved me watch her walk away.

Ted Sheridan 11 July 2007

I'll drink to her and her second cousin.

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Patricia Gale 15 October 2007

Ah... nothing like watching or being watched..lol Loved it!

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Chris (Not Cretan or whatever other enigma you've chosen) - This weaving of text and subtext, is amazing and your release was perfect. If you had willed it, she would have looked back! Best wishes - Cheryl

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Oh, what a brilliant ending. Yeh, it's good to be watched. :) t x

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Peter Stavropoulos 16 July 2007

I enjoyed reading this poem. It's complex, witty, says alot. Hope you enjoy work.

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Anna Russell 13 July 2007

I really enjoyed this Chris and I love the way you've laid it out, making every single word count, and each sentence take on different meaning depending on how you read it. Top notch old chap (I have no idea why I just said that) Hugs Anna xxx

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