We Are Who We Are Poem by Lyn Paul

We Are Who We Are

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Sometimes so much to say
But so little to give
Hearing all of this
But needing to live

We all need to understand
That this is who we are
Be proud of this and light your own star
Giving is something that we don't all know how to do
If you have it
Then share it
It makes You, You!

So light up someone's life
With a smile each day
What an incredible feeling it is
Just to say.....
Hey your special, so kind, I love how your dressed
You will make someone feel, ever so blessed

We are who we are
So give it a go
Love who you are
and your life will grow

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: believe,life,smile,you
Owain Glyn 14 April 2013

There is always such positivism in your work that it is a pleasure to read.

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Martin O'Neill 16 December 2012

Love this. So true, encouragement is so important. Especially for children. Real compliments acknowledge effort and achievement and give the impetus to even greater achievements. Well penned.

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Shalyn Stachmus 01 September 2012

Your poems always make me smile. So often we get bogged down with negativity that we forget about the little things that can make our day, or someone else's, better. Such as this poem. :) Seems like you're taking your own advice, which, in this case, is a wonderful thing. Thanks for your little rays of sunshine here on PH! ! I enjoy it very much.

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Heather Wilson 17 August 2012

Love your poem Lyn, also the message it gave out,

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Mark Dillon 15 August 2012

love it lyn, it's just like saying a simple hello as you pass a stranger in the street, just because it's nice to say it.

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