End Of My Day Poem by Lyn Paul

End Of My Day

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Its Never goodbye when your walking alone
The roads you have taken so far from home
You've climbed, breathed life, you've given to all
Opened your heart so willing to fall
The sorrows are buried by the love that we've shared
The smiles, the beauty, the way that you cared

Its time to let go, there is no other way
My life has now ended, Its the end of my day
So cherish the moments the memories will last
You have to move on...
Can't live in the past

So let go, let go
I have no pain
I've seen so much sun shine
And I've truly enjoyed the rain

Let Go, Let Go
My spirit is free
I am moving on
And you will always be with me

The life that we shared was so full of love
I thank you for giving and freeing this dove
I'm flying, I'm watching
Still here for you all
With you...
By your side
If ever you fall

Copyright Reserved July 2014
Lyn Paul

End Of My Day
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: acceptance,dying,goodbye,memories,sorrow
Bill Galvin 27 February 2015

Wonderful and moving and helpful to me. Lyn, you praised my work, so I looked for yours, and this was the first I selected. Serendipity that this one was apropos to my grieving process. Thank you so much for sharing.

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A touching and therapeutic treasure that is.loaded woth love and moving memories.

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Full of gravity inside your poem and the heart will let go from the arms of love Great writing

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Dave Walker 06 August 2014

Memories are what can keep us going, a great poem.

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Valsa George 04 August 2014

Now when the time comes for us to go, we can leave the world with no regrets, for we have endured the pain and enjoyed the sweetness! I've seen so much sun shine And I've truly enjoyed the rain......... Love these lines! |

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Savita Tyagi 10 October 2019

Lovely poem of absolute wisdom and maturity. A time comes when we have to let go. Some time of the people dearest to us....Once we have given to life with open heart and receieved it with all the love there should be no regrets either.......

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 April 2019

To let go! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Luz Hanaii 14 April 2019

(Let Go, Let Go My spirit is free I am moving on...) Exactly how I felt after moving on with my life. Very touching, we'll carry the memories but must move on.

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Prabir Gayen 23 March 2019

Very beautiful poem dear poetess......... thanks///

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Deep Paul 13 April 2018

Very touching poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Lyn Paul

Lyn Paul

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