My Heart Will Always Sing Poem by Lyn Paul

My Heart Will Always Sing

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In life
I have given
So much
Always been there
Constantly giving
Asking for anything
For giving
Not wanting anything
For giving
Pure fulfilment
from giving
Have I given too much?
Respect lost
What, from giving? No matter what my gift is Giving; it has been worth it..
For I know. Others have gained.
What I have lost. I guess there is reason.
I must not lose
My gift
Of giving

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My Heart Will Always Sing
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: believe,giving,heart,loss,love and pain
Unwritten Soul 01 December 2012

Very moving and original poem..i like the mind talking here it came from honest relativity of soul-mind interaction..nice work lyn! _Soul

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Chandra Thiagarajan 08 December 2012

Your heart is refined highly and the idea of always Giving fills you with untold pleasure. And for that purpose it is really good to GIVE.. I completely fall in line with your thought.! An exemplary poem, very enjoyable.!

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Heather Wilkins 16 December 2014

the gift of giving is a precious gift nice writing

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Unwritten Soul 23 December 2012

I revisit this poem again... and now i see how much wise you have to move your heart to keep singing even the days is always a noise and not a complementing your singing...i will learn from you a lot_Soul

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Tony Karas 09 December 2012

Strikes a chord... when I'm under the most intense onslaughts of the beast it's always immensely beneficial to find another in need and give them my shoulder to lean on and my ear to listen.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 December 2021

An adorable piece of poetry. I loved the delightful expression of a happy and contented soul.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 September 2021

A great poem that briefly tells us about joy in art of giving... great heart

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Varsha M 05 August 2021

Lyn, giving is the biggest gift one has. Not everyone can give but the one who gives brings much happiness in many people's lives. Though it seems you are losing but when you need there will be many to offer one to you.

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Bri Edwards 05 August 2021

Lyn, Please let me know if your 'copyright' on PH precludes me from using in a showcase. Thanks. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 05 August 2021

Lyn, If this is true, the world NEEDS more like YOU! ! ! Speaking of 'giving', can you send me some ice cream? ? I'll earmark this poem for a 2nd August 2021 poem showcase on my site

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