We Will Not Be Divided Poem by Laquory Jones

We Will Not Be Divided

Rating: 5.0

We will not be divided
In my head mentally rhyming
Took my words and confide in
The Silence watching through
The eyes of the world witnessing
Its violence but its not the
Time for me to be silent
Painting my words ultraviolet
Not the time to be stagnant
Nope I'm forever remaining vibrant

This is my time to react
Never looking back
Closing my eyes as I drift away
Through the pictures that I paint
I've never once claimed to be a saint
But I know that you aren't either
Feel my heart and its flame
Unloading my ether up in my brain
As I thread across needles of the pens
Causing pandemonium as if
I were the '57 Beatles
Well Richie is now their sequel
Live no need to be evil
Life was meant to be lived
Never meant to be evil know that
We're all meant to be equal

I'm the John Lennon of our time
Wolfgang Mozart in his prime
That Beethoven that people hated
To see but had to face the music
To a degree feel the rhythmical
Vibrations within my speech
While reaching the pinnacles
That Edgar never got to reach
Maya Once said that
"You can only become truly
Accomplished at something you
Love" I'm just saying that we as
Humans never hear that enough

Perhaps I'm hitting heart strings
That are frozen to the touch
When the road becomes too
Treacherous I'm just saying that
There's no need to be giving up
That's where you find your strength
From within when the tears find
Themselves upon the surface of skin
Deep inside is where you find your
New spark in life no doubt the pain
Will still be ripe its about time
Us poets came and united
Because we will not be divided


Friday, July 17, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Edward Kofi Louis 23 July 2020

Time to react! ! ! Able to reach out! Act of love and life; With the pact of peace. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 18 July 2020

A well composed poem. Simply touching.....10++++

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Mahtab Bangalee 17 July 2020

Love teaches only to be united though there is pathetic divider wall between two souls........

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