What Is? Poem by Dee Corpolongo

What Is?

Rating: 5.0

What is Life?
If not for the Living....
and What is Charity?
If not for the giving...
To think that we're
here for only the fun
Is to forget that there
might be someone
who needs to hear a nice word or two
or someone say, 'I'll be there for you...'
To smile sometime, though you hold back a tear
To take a chance, though it's just what you fear
We all must carry our own given crosses
and when it's over, we chalk up our losses
It all seems to somehow even up in the end
If you do your best there's no need to pretend
Just to be yourself and always be true
Makes life worth living for more than a few~

Robert Beck 30 December 2012

Another meaningful poem that is extremely well written.

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Valerie Dohren 18 November 2012

Just found this one Dee - excellent write, great wisdom.

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Joseph Anderson 15 November 2012

Dear Friend- you need to get busy and post more. You are very good and write such caring and uplifting poetry. That is sorely needed. So glad to have found you

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Smoky Hoss 13 November 2012

Amen. So true. Wonderful poem.

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And what is a poem, if not one like the above...I enjoyed this...Stellar penning, indeed...~FjR~

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