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What Shall Remain

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What shall remain of a man?
The memories of his laughter or
Things woebegone.
What shall remain of a dream?
The failure to accomplish it or the
urge to go on.

What shall remain of a promise?
A reason to believe or
not to.

What shall remain of a heart?
The quiet meat
Or echo of it beat.

What shall remain of a poet?
The words or musical

What shall remain of a wish?
Hopeful heart or
eyes unlit.

What shall remain of a day?
Scorching heat or bright

What shall remain of anything, anyone?
Silence or the sound
Footsteps or the sand
Time shall tell.
Nikunj Sharma
Monday, August 3, 2009
Sonya Florentino 09 September 2009
i love this Nikunj, esp. the last stanza....indeed what shall remain... can only be answered by the last one standing.....
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Ninya Zulueta 13 August 2009
and you (nikunj) wont die.
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Subroto Chatterjee 04 August 2009
'Silence or the sound Footsteps or the sand...' Both actually. Alternating, when not continuous (as in sound) . Yin and yang... Importantly, Nikunj, do leave some footsteps behind...in the hearts and minds....lest the sands blow 'em away.... Cheers. Subroto
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Deborah Cromer 04 August 2009
Great description of choices. The whole body filled with question after question and then the last line says it all. This poem has a world of wonder written inside of it. Time tells all it is true. Thanks for the invitation to read! :) Deborah Cromer
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Ency Bearis 04 August 2009
a great thoughts and well versed theme.... What shall remain from a poet like you? Is the legacy of your virtues and wisdom...
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Subroto Chatterjee 03 August 2009
'What shall remain of anything? what remains Is what it began as....' ? ? ? ? ? Hardly. Many things change (exceptions notwithstanding) . For one, YOU have changed, haven't you? For the better (I hope!) . But ofcourse, opinions differ. Its meant to be. THAT has not changed..! ! Cheers. Subroto
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Anjali Sinha 03 August 2009
then what shall remain...... and I take delight in weal and seek relief reading your poe and what shall remain...... cos -do you know how much I owe my cheeks often been bedewed just reading yours with gratitude I was so moved reading your poem so my thoughts just flowed -10 anjali
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Lady Grace 03 August 2009
alpha and omega... what shall we have in life if we are happy? .... a happy heart what shall we have in hearts when we are glad? ...a peaceful love... what shall we have in love if there is you? ....aaammmm, maybe my simple smile..
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Rakesh Bedi 03 August 2009
From ashes to ashes, a void to a deeper void and from darkness to higher darkness is what this journey is all about. And that is the ultimate!
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