Alexandra Blisse

When Death Is Not An Option - Poem by Alexandra Blisse

Once a thought left to roam my mind

Once a plan to have no future

When they all tell you no, and in your heart

you feel you can't hurt them like that

when you cant let go-

Of thought.

Of Pain.

Of emotion.

Of love.

Of memory.

Of life.

when there seems to be no way out of the pain

but to continue your days with the same hurt

is the only thing you can do

til' it hurts so bad, you cant sleep..

You cant eat..
When your fake smile.. the mindless laughter.. it cant hide the pain any longer.

when you cry at night lost in restless thoughts of the pain of your shattered heart, when visions of the past flash by you in your dreams.. making you wish you would never wake up

and when you wake up-

the sun you once cherished and enjoyed, becomes a overly bright light that constantly reminds you of your past.

the bright smiles and faces of your family, cause you to envy them, there life, there happiness that you cant have.

the floor underneith you becomes a cold surface for you to land.. you fall.

once you hit that cold floor, it feels as if you cant get back up the pain consuming your body, when all along... all you ever felt was- nothing.

numb, to the happiness you search so far to find..

you live on.. day by day.. night by night..

in this world we call home

can there be truth and happiness?

when death is not an option.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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