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When I Wrote My First Poem.....An Omen...

Rating: 4.5

For me to write poetry
is just not me
I blame my heart
as you will see

I felt pretty down one day
and heard my brain say
write down, your feelings and thoughts
start from your heart
write on paper
your feelings, your pain, your loss.

so I sat back pen in hand
brain in pause
to get my feelings on paper
was my cause

amazingly it just happened
my heart just talked
my hand wrote
ink to paper
just like words of wisdom

the words flowed
like a torrent of raw emotion
the pain, the sorrow, the fear, the loneliness
all came out.

the feeling I had was quite unique
so I looked down and had a peek
as peace of mind is all I seek

I suddenly realized
the sun was shining
I heard a bird sing

perhaps it was an omen
on that day
I wrote my first poem.

Manonton Dalan 19 January 2016

I didn't wrote my first poem I told myself like my forefathers they don't write their poems they sing it, recite it or talk into it

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M Asim Nehal 19 January 2016

I suddenly realized the sun was shining I heard a bird sing

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Ying Escalona 29 August 2007

wow..it must be very hot

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Malini Kadir 29 August 2007

Ali....this indeed is a nice omen! For sun shines through you in many lives perhaps....

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