When Started Somewhere With Poem by swetha vankayalapati

When Started Somewhere With

Rating: 4.3

that time i locked the door solely
to confirm between four walls,
that time dreams of aims evolved
sterile in my tiring eyes,
that time shuddering to different
masks hidding my face under a blanket,
that time i fought with
black tears,
that time when books were thrown
over my face,
that time daylights suggesting been
midnights suffocating, 'this day over',
'again is the same day',
that time i had been left all myself,
i stretched to this time,
'fate is a gambler,
time is no exilir,
life is my only teacher'!
to this time pen here
in my hand is howling louder
than someone knocking on that locked door
that time!
to this time hope in the wombs
of hatred thy inspired, pacifying
a time in my time!

Unwritten Soul 03 August 2012

A super poem, .......Just always when we started something new there is always a challenge, and the challenge is actually is defining our next beginning..like an any invention, first trial always good but the second will always get better and the improvement will takes time, adopt after learning...This is a nice poem, keep it up with more bright side in the future_Unwritten Soul

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 02 August 2012

Yes, this is impressive work...a paradigm for what free-verse is all about...and i'm enjoying each line! ~FjR~

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Vipins Puthooran 02 August 2012

'fate is a gambler, time is no exilir, life is my only teacher'! ! ! ! ! Really a good poem! ! !

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