Where Do Clouds Go Poem by Jim Yerman

Where Do Clouds Go

It's a game that began when he was young.
Apparently it was something he just had to know
He and his Dad were watching the clouds when he asked,
"Daddy, where do all these clouds go? "

"As they've move across the sky…how cool would it be knowing
Where they all end up…where they all are going."

He remembers his dad sitting up…this innocent question making him proud.
"That depends", he said, "it's different…for each and every cloud."

"You see that shark up there? " he said pointing…
"The one that's moving in slow motion..
I imagine he's swimming in the breeze…on his way out to the ocean."

"That angel is heading off to heaven…see how his wings are flowing…
and see that devil over there…I think we know where he is going."

"And now it's your turn." His dad said, "Set your imagination free!
Take a look at all these clouds…and tell me what you see."

"OK", he smiled,"I see a dragon! "…then his eyes got big and bright
"He's flying pretty fast…and look! Behind him is a knight."

"See that big cloud over there?It looks just like a ship to me.
I imagine it has a crew of pirates…and they're heading out to sea."

And from that simple beginning a life-long game was born
finding elephants and horses…castles…and unicorns.

Watching clouds float across the sky…moving fast or moving slow
finding shapes and forms and faces…and imagining where they go.

Today his memory drifts to that day so many years ago…
When he overhears his son ask his father…
"Grandpa….where do all these clouds go? "

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: cloud,imagination
Kumarmani Mahakul 23 April 2019

He's swimming in the breeze and you are imagining. This poem is deeply penned from mind. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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