Where Dreams Collide Poem by Bill Cantrell

Where Dreams Collide

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There is a place where dreams collide
And here you drift in with the tide
Here we are,
Underneath the watching stars
Drop me to a lower case
Would I give into disgrace?
Funny how the heart can be,
With so much confusion everywhere
How could we be more than friends?
How i wish that we were more than friends,
For in the deep, I would swim with you
Look at me, you know it's true
Somewhere in a midnight dream
Where no guilt would cover you or me,
There I will swim with you
Because I love you through and through
Riding on a dream come true
My poetry has arms for only you,
Here we are,
Under the sleeping stars
There is a place where dreams collide
And if we meet between the tides
Then we shall see,
What dreams can really be,
Where dreams collide

Where Dreams Collide
Bill Cantrell 29 May 2020

This is actually a song I wrote, but poems and songs have the same eyes, several of my poems are songs

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Kumarmani Mahakul 03 February 2019

Dreams collide in an interesting and amazing place. The arms of poetry are lovable and these hold the reality of writing dream. An excellent poem is beautifully penned.10

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Kostas Lagos 01 February 2019

You crafted a great poem here, Bill!

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Sanddra Feldman 31 January 2019

This poem is really beautiful. Very, very splendidly done with a waves of romantic flow. Enjoyed tremendously, thought that maybe you would like to know. enyoyed tremedoul

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