*who Invented Guilt Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*who Invented Guilt

Rating: 3.3

Guilt is not to be doubted Franz Kafka wrote
The human has been tied to the guilt of not having done
What said the God or his prophets what the society ordained
What the preachers say the first man was killed
In Freudian school which lead to the guilt
Of the son and worship began of the dead father
Woman the temptress gave consciousness to the man
Of his existence and from Eden his fall to the earth eternal
A victim of guilt woman lives with covered face and bleeds
Tears from her eyes as creator of man from her womb
Who invented guilt but the judge in Roman law or Common
In Ten Commandments or book of dead in sacrifice in repentance
What else the human offers except with extinction to the deity
Horrible stories of hereafter for not having done the right things
Who makes this and where from into the unconscious and subconscious
It finds its ways into the innocence the little one is taught and taunted
Do the birds and fishes animals all kinds live with any guilt
Is it the creation of faulty reason and rationalizations pervert

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 04 March 2009

The simplicity of guilt that is, you'd feel guilt even if you've forgot something which your not supposed to, and thats guilt.Its a straight forward subject indeed.

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C. P. Sharma 03 March 2009

A bold and heroic write and a scholalr master stroke of a great poet. CP

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To avoid 'rationalizations pervert' one should talk about feeling of guilt, Khan talked about guilt and already did it very well.

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