Who Is This Girl I Have Met Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Who Is This Girl I Have Met

Rating: 4.0

The girl I can't talk to,
The girl I can't reach to.
The girl my heart beats for,
The girl my soul hopes for.
Who is this girl I have met,
The girl I love for,
The girl I live for.
The girl I wait for,
The girl I wish for.
Who is this girl I have met?
Her name is five letters of the alphabet,
To know them is ''LOVE''..

DELETED NOW 22 August 2008

it's fine what ur doing for her...I know she's not me but u have to let her do something or then it sounds like she nothing or perhaps a robot

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mmm... lovely poem. i think this is my fav. xoxox

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when i read this poem. i feel like your really in love. and you would do anything for that girl. beautiful. x3 mill

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Greenwolfe 1962 20 June 2008

I liked the repetition, but I thought the lines chosen were not the most enticing for the reader.So I gave it a seven. I could be wrong on this one. It's just how I feel. GW62

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Coreena Dejesus 17 June 2008

beautiful. lovely piece.

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