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A Emo Girl

~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
Do you leave little love letters
for her to find as you go out
the door to start your

Day Dreamer

I'v offten sat and dreamed,
What it would be like to be
That bird flying in the clouds
High in the jewl blue sky above us.


We transzited here apart & alone
Until our adventures in luck & laughtor
Now we'r together in heart & stone
A new exciteing plain to explor

~~andrew's~~ First Steps

Ten Toes..here he goes..
The right foot leads the other
Adventurous eyes fixed on his mother
Her caring voice echoing

Who Is This Girl I Have Met

The girl I can't talk to,
The girl I can't reach to.
The girl my heart beats for,
The girl my soul hopes for.

A Bubble Bath Story*#*

She returns from her long day
The dim lights in the hall leads
The way to the master bath
Her foot steps echo far to near

Her Pale White Skin.

Her pale white skin glows,
Like a moon lit night over,
A a beautiful oasis as she,
What my akeing heart,


Pain, is my life
Optimist, is my sight
Evil, is my breath
Missory, is my hope

Christmas Snow Flake

On a crisp winter night,
A wondrous snow flake,
Began her glittering flight,
Dancing on the frosty wind,

I'M A Hostage Of My Own Mind!

This free will I chose to confine.
A hunger I wish to bind.
Thoughts of a love I cannot define.
It's a life Idare not decline.

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