A Bubble Bath Story*#* Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

A Bubble Bath Story*#*

Rating: 5.0

She returns from her long day
The dim lights in the hall leads
The way to the master bath
Her foot steps echo far to near
She pushes the door open
As she spies me waiting here
I rise to help her dress down
The air clutters with the essence of roses
As she seeks my presence, But I
Will not stur the bubble bath is for her
Candles line the tub, Thier fires showing
Her flawless skin is glowing
I soap the sponge cress it
To her back gently ever softly I scrub
Wich the lather, thick and rich her
Beautiful body can not be seen
With the relaxing hot water
I easaly spray her clean
Then she grasefuly leaves the bath
I towle her, Then with wild flowers
I lay her path to the bed we
Sneak under the sheets and covers
Out of sight for the night

Serenity Prayer 29 July 2008

wow......deep....great job. i love it. very romantic.

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Sounds Lovely! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! <3Payyton

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Oh dear.... Oh maw goodness.... Its wonderful Kat

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DELETED NOW 01 August 2008

ok this is more real romance not played out romance and it does not sound like stupid romeo it sounds like ...............maybe*thinking* oh well it was relaxing like I thought it would be. I liked it.

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(: God's Wild Child :) 03 August 2008

Aww, i love it, very romantic. good job. keep it up.

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Oh! how very romantical! ... lol... but truly, this poem reflects a sense of romanticism and delivers the sense of love and want. The imagery is done wonderfully, it is as if i was there, watching her skin glow with the candlelight. The bath seems very playful, yet still hints that undertone of sensuality. The end is nicely done, hinting to the 'rest of the night' which i am sure was great.

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jennifer hall 09 December 2008

very sweet..nice poem

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**paris* forever forgotten** 09 December 2008

oooh, i like. very sensual and sexy. keep it up!

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pied piper 11 September 2008

You are so romantic. Any woman would so love this treatment.

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Pied Piper Berry 05 September 2008

Well penned.... I enjoyed this.

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