~~andrew's~~ First Steps Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

~~andrew's~~ First Steps

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Ten Toes..here he goes..
The right foot leads the other
Adventurous eyes fixed on his mother
Her caring voice echoing
Her open arms free of debts
Balancing his brave first steps
Ten Toes..here he goes..
The left foot fast to follow
Her baby to little boy, such a short time to swallow
With all those new places to explore
His mothers days now never a bore
Forever teasing by running away
With his mother always hot on his trail
Ten Toes..there he goes..

DELETED NOW 05 July 2008

...parents always seem to teach their childern how to leave...think about it. I like the poem btw.

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Egi David Perdana 08 July 2008

the psychal poem, great one of the great

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, aryaindia 19 July 2008

A cute poem that reminds every parent reader of their own kid's first steps and of course, the mother in their trial. Thanks for sharing....reminiscensing, arya

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Beautiful, I don't have any children of my own, but I can bet it's pretty hard watching them grow up.

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Pied Piper Berry 05 September 2008

An adorable piece...... Well done.

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Catrina Heart 19 January 2009

Awesome to pen the memories of a baby...so light and fun.10

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~Crazy Ann~ 13 January 2009

the first of many firsts time flies just remeber to act like them and take time to smell the roses right along with them and all the firsts will b remebered together.thanks for the smile.

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Awww...How cute! !

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jennifer hall 10 December 2008

awww...that is so cute

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**paris* forever forgotten** 09 December 2008

awww, that is adorable! love it.

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