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Why Couldn'T You Stay? (C) 7-9-2012 - Poem by Corey Threet

I was told karma brought this upon me,
Made to believe that it is by means of the universe that I'm encompassed by all of this pain
It's been awhile since I've thought about someone the way I think about you
So tell me why couldn't you stay?

When I stood close to you,
The drafts carried your scent through my nose landing on my heart
Guaranteeing that I will never forget your very fragrance
So tell me why couldn't you stay?

I looked deep into your eyes,
Piercing your soul reviewing your inner most secrets
Fascinated by the story your history tells.
So tell me, why couldn't you stay?

Everything, everything about you was amazing,
Your jet black hair flowed like the Nile river
Continuous through all time and stopping for no one.
I ask why couldn't you stay.

As I ask you to inform me of the means of your departure
I become redundant as I very well know the answer.
It isn't the response that I seek but the understanding.
I long to know where have you been throughout my years of suffering
The pain that I felt hoping to find someone that'd love me,
The way that I loved them.
And as I paced through darkness seeking such without the emotion in my inventory
I cried believing that I'd be lonely until my heart no longer coexisted with oxygen.
You came to me and showed me what love felt like again,
But like the smoke of your cigarette, my feelings were whisked away
Resembling the ghost of what could've been an everlasting love.

It never even fully got to experience life and it still haunts me by way of every memory of you.
You read your poetry to me and I inhaled your words exchanging physical nourishment
With metaphysical consumption
Please let me breathe you in once more.
For one night I've known you and forever I will love you
So I inquire of thee,
Why couldn't you stay?

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