Why Spanish Is Hard For Me To Write Poem by Alexander Julian

Why Spanish Is Hard For Me To Write

Here, in this poem, I will explain why Spanish is hard for me to write.
My explanation is necessary for the reader to understand my poetry.
Spanish is a human language.
It's a language by some millions of humans on Earth.
Millions of people speak Spanish.
It's a BIG language!
As such, I do experience problems while writing Spanish.
Let's consider the Spanish language itself.
What Spanish words do I need?
Well, to know what Spanish words I need, I need to know English words.
What English words do I need?
My English vocabulary is not perfect.
So, when looking for the right Spanish words, I need to know English well.
Everything about this "language problem" is something of a risk.
Let's consider "all words" just to be polite about the subject in my poem.
I have words.
And, yet, I have words I cannot use for any language.
No matter what language I use, some words are useless for speech.
Speech is a very professional manner of expression.
My words can go out of context depending on grammar and meaning.
Sometimes, I will look for a Spanish word, find many English words for it.
Which English words can I use?
Is the Spanish word the right Spanish word for me to research?
To make matters interesting, let's consider religion.
Religious language gets very eternal and mysterious.
So, while looking for Spanish and English words, my research gets eternal.
Even "reading" gets very eternal for English and Spanish.
Philosophy and poetry are often available in both English and Spanish.
It's a challenge for me.
History is full of spiritual influences.
Spiritual influences become very eternal.
When something is eternal, I may not be able to find any view or look.
So, what happens during research, is that I look for something I can't see.
Literature from the past gets very eternal.
Often, when reading literature from the past, I look for something I can't see.
I discover more words while searching for particular words in any language.
More words come up, more words come up, more words come up, etc.
Eventually, I must make a decision for what "my words" have to be.
Perhaps, in the end, some of "my words" will only be my words forever.
That's eternal.
Communications are very difficult for readers and writers.
English classes in America make learning seem simple.
But, from my experience, I don't think "learning" is so simple.
Learning changes from generation to generation.
We have a history of obsolete ideas, and, even outdated education.
To my surprise, truth is still truth even when people do not know it.
Truth gets very eternal.
Do I have the right Spanish?
Do I have the right English?
Do I have the right French?
Do I have the right German?
Do I have the right Italian?
Do I have the right Japanese?
Do I have the right Chinese?
Do I have the right Russian?
Honestly, I don't always know what "my words" really are.
Some English words have no origins.
So, what happens is, I must create a new idea and start a fresh meaning.
Maybe it's not always for the best.
But, when I hope for eternal goodness, I round up my estimation.
A philosopher may even wonder if words are here.

Thursday, June 30, 2022
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