With A Hole In His Pocket ~ Poem by Sheeya Hacks

With A Hole In His Pocket ~

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There once was a man with a hole in his pocket,
whenever he looked, he found no way to block it.

Coins and tiny trinkets, all slipped away,
no matter how swiftly, he'd pursue the stray.

A buck for breakfast, a quarter for the bus,
his holey pocket had him in a financial fuss.

He attempted shoelaces, rubber bands, and adhesive,
but regardless of the solution, the hole just grew.

It seemed his pocket possessed a magical sway,
never allowing his treasures to peacefully stay.

With each stride he took, more coins did escape,
leaving him feeling defeated, in a monetary scrape.

But amidst the frustration, he discovered a new serenity,
for in that hole, his worries began to cease.

He viewed the world differently, with wide-open eyes,
not pursuing wealth, but seeking the peace.

The small things in life, the beauty they possess,
his holey pocket reminded him to be fearless.

For in his pursuit of riches, he had lost sight,
of the joy and wonder that accompany each flight.

So he mended his pocket, with a smile on his face,
no longer consumed by the material chase.

And from that day forward, he let go of the strife,
embracing the simple joys that enrich his life.

Monday, July 17, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: lessons of life,humorous
Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 July 2023

Amusing story woven and crafted brilliantly into a magnificent poem. Liked the meaningful message embedded in this write. A great thought to ponder about and apply the same in our life's journey

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Bri Edwards 24 July 2023

Rose Marie, Your judgement makes 'perfect sense', but I THINK using 'about' after 'ponder ' is redundant; I'm too 'tired' to check ponder's meaning. : ) bri

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 July 2023

Beautifully presented, entertaining and a lesson imparted, factors that will make a great poem. To my favorites.

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M. Asim Nehal 25 July 2023

Humorous poem on 'Hole'. I liked it.

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Bri Edwards 24 July 2023

Maybe it was better that I did NOT tell the guy, before his 'discovered' 'the joy and wonder that accompany each flight.', ...that he COULD find a better pocket for his bus money. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 24 July 2023

Your rhyming may have improved, and, where you did NOT rhyme, I found your choices quite fine.

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Bri Edwards 24 July 2023

TO MY FAVORITES, and I'd give five HUGE stars, but I'll save them and perhaps vote them...when I return from my voyage to and from my birthplace: Mars. bri : )

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 21 July 2023

It is often a difficult lesson to learn, that riches do not guarantee happiness. An awesome poem.

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