Without A Shore, Beneath The Waves Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Without A Shore, Beneath The Waves

Winds from many lands gathered as the evening faded
Passing the shore they strayed away;
On the other side two travellers met
They wrote their promises on the sands and went their way
Time came when the furthest end was behind;
Winds crossed paths again
Ahead litters of a new void rose;
The seas languor ever waits as the waves crash on the shore,
What is the faint distance that looms on both sides;
Once silence stared at the firmament
Waiting is a voyage in the chariot of time
Through but a channel in the ocean of life;
I am but a meager part of a tale that is India;
Across the ocean in the east
This tale is a music in the endless page of eternity;
The travellers met yet and again
They were on the other side;
Remembrance is a well earned song
In this side of the shore
The sea gull vanishes to the rising distance
With one question:
'But where vanishes the entirety
To where in an ocean without a shore'.

Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

wow... i see poetry and poetic lines....

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