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Here is a message I want to share with you
A message I hope you will like
To all who do read, this is the first
I have shared on this site to all of you

The pain inside burned deep in my heart
leaving a scar that wouldn't heal
It felt like a poker stabbed deep inside
twisted and turned to make the hole bigger

So delicate is the spider's web
It stretches out so fine
So intricate and finely spun
In wondrous awe of design

My heart grew heavy that day long ago
When I thought in you a friend who was true
I believed you were honest, someone to trust
A friend who would help me whenever I got stuck

Listen Up! I have a thought, I think I'll share with you
It is a thought, a view, a dream of why some love the same
In the word, the word of truth, in twos they were sent out
They were not sent as husband and wife for their purpose was to seed

Life gets so distorted by the way we see and hear
We each see things so differently including our every fear
Our thoughts, our view, imaginings give solace to the soul
never knowing what is to come can bind us in a hole

One day I looked into myself and didn't like the look
So determined to change I sought for a way by seeking it in a book
I read and pondered, researched and thought, a wistful point of view
What can I do that others will see and know that I am new?

A dream was dreamed so long long ago
of a life that was yet to be seen
and there in that dream was the souls of the lost
clambering about in the dark

If laughter can soften a hardened heart
And a smile could lift one's day
What would happen in the world
If we decided to live this way

In pain I've walked and pain I've talked
just to stand as the person God made
but the jealousies of men are heavy and dark
surrounding to take me right down

A heart that's bound in agony
Cannot see the light of day

A heart that's filled with misery

From distant shores to faraway lands, my mind would always go
For in those places in my mind, I'd always be well loved
But when the light of the new day, rose to wake me from my sleep
My heart would dropp and shrivel up, cos dread would take its place

I held my shame close to my chest
I would not let it be known
If any saw what I had done
they'd beat me to the core

What a joy it is to see such beauty of the Lord
as in the rainbow after rain
and in the mildest storm

Listen Up! ! ! !
Here is a point of view
If all men loved the way God wants

It was a time of darkness
that kept me blinded, bound
My thoughts and feelings were mixed up
I was sure that I would drown

They say that love is blind, for the blind do walk in love
They say that love is precious uniting two as one
They say that love can heal all wounds held down deep within
They say that love can conquer death to overcome the grief

They say that beauty can be seen in the eyes of the beholder
So when we see such ugliness is that the beauty seen?

They say we should love each other as we would want ourselves

I'm dedicated to the cause
just show me which way to go
I'll do my best in everything
that you do put me to

My heart grows weary every day when I hear of the turmoil around
When will mankind take control of their selfish and greedy pride?
Will we wait till all is lost, no hope to be found anywhere?
Or will we settle it all like beasts, destroying what the Creator gave.

Marama Kelly Biography

Born and bred in Aotearoa of Maori, Irish and Welsh descent in the early 60s. Am a mother of four and a grandmother of four and still counting. Have always loved to write but did not venture on this journey until 2007.2008 became a member of and then a member of poemhunter in 2009. Enjoy reading others thoughts, views and concepts to see what imagery can come from the words used to give life and substance to the inner thinkings of all. I write from own personal experiences and review from the same. If good, clear imagery and messages come from within, then a wondrous God-given gift I have read, otherwise a very talented person with a skill to create from words comes forth. I do tend to make corrections in grammar and spelling as it seems to be a natural ability I have to 'spot' these things, and they are given forth to help, encourage, inspire, uplift and support others to develop their gift, skill, talent, ability, to its full potential.)

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A Message To Share

Here is a message I want to share with you
A message I hope you will like
To all who do read, this is the first
I have shared on this site to all of you

I am blessed by God to meet you all here
To read of your heart, thoughts and dreams,
And share of my own through the words you will read,
With guidance from the feedback you give.

Now techniques I don't bother and neither with style
I just write what does come when I type
Counting the syllables or the meter or rhyme
Are all fine if your talent's that way
But mine is not so, which is why I will write
However my heart, spirit directs.

Messages and images are how I do read
And so too, is how I do write
So I hope you will like when I share mine with you
For I'm sure to enjoy yours as well

So thanks to all and blessings as well
To all I will meet on this site

Whanganui, NZ 2008

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Marama Kelly Popularity

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