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A Message To Share

Here is a message I want to share with you
A message I hope you will like
To all who do read, this is the first
I have shared on this site to all of you

A Reprieve Of Love Received

The pain inside burned deep in my heart
leaving a scar that wouldn't heal
It felt like a poker stabbed deep inside
twisted and turned to make the hole bigger

A Spider's Web

So delicate is the spider's web
It stretches out so fine
So intricate and finely spun
In wondrous awe of design

Beware Of The Enemy Who Smiles

My heart grew heavy that day long ago
When I thought in you a friend who was true
I believed you were honest, someone to trust
A friend who would help me whenever I got stuck

A Love Of One Kind

Listen Up! I have a thought, I think I'll share with you
It is a thought, a view, a dream of why some love the same
In the word, the word of truth, in twos they were sent out
They were not sent as husband and wife for their purpose was to seed

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Born and bred in Aotearoa of Maori, Irish and Welsh descent in the early 60s. Am a mother of four and a grandmother of four and still counting. Have always loved to write but did not venture on this journey until 2007.2008 became a member of and then a member of poemhunter in 2009. Enjoy reading others thoughts, views and concepts to s ...

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