You Are The Last Snowfall Poem by Argentine Tango

You Are The Last Snowfall

Rating: 4.1

You are the last snowfall before the Spring
My mouth catches your snowflake kisses
Knowing that all too soon only reminiscence
Will savor your evanescent being

You come and go like the changing seasons
And just as I settle into one sort of climate
You appear and I must again acclimate
But a heart in love knows no reason

My emotions oscillate to and fro
As does the question of your presence
Each meeting is bitter sweet in essence
For in earnest of your promised visit I await you, though

I must despair at the turn of a new day
For at sunrise you shall be with me no more
No matter how persistently I beg you to stay

But go you must, and even a heart in love
knows not how to change the seasons

Bri Edwards 08 February 2014

maybe it is my lack of interest in 'love poetry that causes me to be cool to this poem. and also that i feel you may have written a more refreshing one if you hadn't tried so hard to use rhymes. but thanks for sharing. bri :) You Are The Last Month Of Long Days It's been a kick to frolic on a sunny eve, each arm bared, with no long sleeve, the sunshine lasting till almost nine or ten, but this will be short; i'm out of ink in my pe

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C N Prem Kumar 01 December 2012

But go you must, and even a heart in love knows not how to change the seasons - Excellent wordings. Nice poem.

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Shihabudheen K J 28 November 2012

This is a strong write bringing pain of grief merging seasons of despair and anxiety

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Anthony Han 19 November 2012

Very great write, I find it refreshing and brilliant in describing the love between the two subjects: D

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