You Have Been Warned Poem by Julia Luber

You Have Been Warned

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Be careful. When you're not around, they treat your
children terribly. Your men, your army of men, I have
seen them treat your children terribly: leaving them in
cars without an adult in parking lots, stomping them as
infants in a hundred and ten degree heat. Be weary. Un-
derstand….when you are not around, they do not experience
their testosterone treatments as the 'love and power and ego
flattering' you enable them to confuse it for. Your presence
makes them feel like their 'treatment' by psychiatrists and
lawyers is real. You have no idea what they are like when not
enveloped in your warm hazel eyes and your round attractive
boobs, making them feel like 'the man' about town. You have
no idea what reckless sadistic awful unforgivable phonies they
are. One is an actual thrill kill murderer. And the other is somebody
who connoitred a sane and wonderful friend into suicide through
psychiatry as only her threat commandment institutionalized subjugation
system: All for her. Everything that she needed for herself in relativity.
She needs a lot of real male deaths to infuse those fraudulent aspirations.
She needs a whole hell lot of deaths of young minted males for her to
believe herself to be one. Understand, when you are not around, they do
not feel like they 'got the trophy wife'-the high powered blond with
the British accent and the snide sophistication. Remember, when you
are not around, their testosterone treatments do not feel like the elixirs
of ego and infusements of love that they confuse them for when you
are around. Rounding out their game for them. Giving them a sense of
power and importance and an ego trip of filling the space of a 'male' in-
fluence on your children. Remember, one is a killer and the other is
essentially cruel enough to kill a best friend: in fact, somebody who
engaged on that friendship just to destroy the other side. Remember, her
power and her word are backboned by billions of dollars for nothing: a
rarity in this world. Remember, she is sadistic like you can not imagine
and she is cruel like you can not imagine. Remember, when you are not
around stroking her ego, petting her like a favorite..a favorite something,
remember, when you are not making her 'feel' like the male she deludedly
is trying to be-she is a completely different person. She is criminally cruel
to your children and she positions herself to torture who knows she is a
complete phony. Remember, you make her feel 'like an attractive male…'
She feels her ego boosted and her mind a bit fulfilled-because she
"got the trophy chick." But you are the one jeopardizing your own life
by being with those two monsters. You have been warned.

Maling note of somebody always involved with complete phonies who both significantly violated me. One of whom is a murderer for thrills.
Colleen 30 July 2019

Amazing free poetry and so true of some of the women of today. Well put otgether Julia

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Julia Luber 30 July 2019

Thank you for reading, responding and not finding too much fault with my 'weird disturbing stories' imbedded in some of my angrier poetry.

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