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You'Re Perfect

Rating: 5.0

If asked to describe your beauty,
I would think of:
The rainbow, the sunrise and the sunset.
I would think of:
The stars, the diamonds, the pearls and
The emeralds.
I would think of:
The dove, the lily, and the rose.
But, most of all I would think of our Love!

If asked to describe your worth to me,
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Abdallah Gamal 12 July 2011

Wo0o0o0o0o0o0w a great description with great imagination and adorable emotions.. with a little words u inspired the whole world.. U drew a pic. full of emotions and colors of movement.. u're really gifted and deserves to be on top of 10 poets not 500.. :) Sry I didn't find a rate more than 10 :)

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Miss Molu 16 July 2013

My second favourite YET FROM THE SAME POET! ! You're perfect, is the most perfect! !

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Achilles Mauko 25 August 2011

Wonderful poem from a great poet, unimaginable imagery. The picture is clear, this lucky lady is perfect. i love the part that say 'the spark that started the big bang' It suggests incomprehensible beauty. Goood masterpiece

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Am speechlesssss. Am adding it to favourite list.....

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Kemi Kemms 12 July 2011

I hope she knows how deep emotions you have for her and I hope she's aware how talented you are and supports you. I wish I was the perfect one in such eyes :) I'll check more of your poems! Continue the great work!

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Kevin Eaglesfield 12 July 2011

Lovely. I hope whoever this poem belongs to is very proud and touched by your beautiful sentiments.

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