You Ugly Git Poem by jodi right

You Ugly Git

Rating: 4.5

You ugly git, you stupid girl
Why you lookin at me?
What’s with ya starin at me?
An’t you had enough

I have to put up with your sorry ass
You’re just another pathetic lass
Cheap shitty clothes, mucky hair
You got no class, no wonder no-one stares
You’re crazy! He dunt like ya, you fat bitch
Take another look at yourself you're no hitch
Get real; you got no life, you’re one of them losers
Who walks by night-by-night, havin nowt to do
Makin the street look disgustin, all grimy to
Don’t gimme that look, you can’t change
No way, you’re stuck in a rut, you can’t exchange
Why don’t you do your self in, do us all a favour
No, lippy and eye shadow’s not your saviour
Face it; you’ll never be her, she pretty, you’re not

Stop lookin at me!
Stop starin at me!
Can’t you see this mirror's had enough?

Sidi Mahtrow 18 February 2006

Now here's a poem that I like. Has it all: (the four e's) Excite (the title) Entertain (gets and holds attention) Educates (Catches the reader by surprise) Ends (Hey! It's a mirror talking!) s

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***** ********* 18 February 2006

Well it works, but to what point I have no idea. 7 for dialect. Tai

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jodi right

jodi right

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