Desperation For Love Poem by jodi right

Desperation For Love

Rating: 4.9

My heart eager for things unknown
Unknown but wanted but needed
Needed, since it is my heart that aches
Aches for the sweetest touch of your hands
Hands exploring my body, clasping my heart
Heart lies open, so vulnerable but uncaring
Uncaring yet guarded, yet persistent
Persistent but hesitant and scared
Scared for it may be hurt
Hurt haunting my dreams, spoiling my pleasure
Pleasure in which I seek
Seek I do but unsuccessfully
Unsuccessfully is my life
Life without love
Love is all I want
Want but cannot have

Give me a chance, a chance to
Cool the fires of lust and awaken passion
Passion so endearing it leaves me breathless
Breathless so I cannot embrace a single breath
Bury deep into the soul, let our bodies entwine
Entwine we will, with the constant melody
Melody of singing birds sharing praise
Praise of womanhood, Praise of bravery
Bravery will lead us through barriers
Barriers that cover us with thick strife
Strife will attempt to harm no more
No more it can for I shall love
Love so beautiful the world will crumble
Crumble with powerful delight
Delight which will bring us to our finish

Renee Lewis 30 March 2005

i just love the flow of this one and i know it speaks to the many who have felt this way...but it's the way you've woven the words to express how you feel that i'm very impressed with...

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 28 March 2005

you can really feel the desperation in this poem..with the double but's and yet' adds to the mood. repetittion is one of the poetess's best ways to make an impression..

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Nasra Al Adawi 20 April 2005

I loved the way you used the last word repeated on each line...this is very hard to do...willl a good idea that I should follow for my poem...but I have to get a powerful inspiration...Thank you for sharing your poem with us

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long gone 08 April 2005

yes, yes, yes. you kept the second verse and finished on a killer note. this is my personal favourite. you are a star.

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Bkhj Chen 31 March 2005

umm, I can only say: This poem is Soooooo good. This poem's better than all the poems I study in school. If you publish a book on poetry, I will buy it. I never bought a book on poetry.

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David Wood 30 October 2022

This poem flows beautifully and leads the reader into the inner feelings of desperation for love. The repetition of words adds to the sense of despiration which leaves the reader with a feeling of hope that you will find that beautiful love. Excellent.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 October 2022

A wonderful poem... loved it. Many congratulations dear poet.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 30 October 2022

Life without love is lungs without breathing! - nice to read the poem; congrats for being selected the poem as POD

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Congratulations to the poet on selection as POD for the day. Beautiful poem. Top score

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Lara W.a 17 July 2005

This is soooo good! Lovin' it =)

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