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You’ve Got To Live Through The Paradox

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You don’t always have freedom
except one type of freedom- one
which nobody can take away from you
whatever situation you are into.

A freedom of choice-this is your own,
for the challenge that the situation has thrown
to either explode or coolly diffuse what's there
with no reaction but calm consideration.

So when you think of each choice, you
think of its consequences and the payoffs,
and how your heart feels from deep inside,
what your microscopic mind is asked to guide.

So you've got to think through your mind,
and tap your heart, too, for the correct decision.
And what the heart would say needs to ‘sync’
with the mind's facts, as also the reason.

Looks Simple? But it’s not so. It’s Art,
for you can’t listen that easily to the heart
against the incessant noise of the mind:
you've got to get really, really smart!

What can you think in an utterly noisy and downright clamored street?
What can you hear but the tumultuous din except
the inaudible signals slipping in?

To put off the noise of regrets, anxiety and fear,
kick out the ghosts of the past and future;
The past is to serve as a sober guide,
the future is to take on the planning sphere.

You’ve got to live through the paradox
of non-doing the noise of thoughts, emotions,
but intensely doing only the present action
with no traces of any type of reaction.

@Copyright reserved by the author
Amrit Rathi
Sunday, May 16, 2010
‘to either explode or coolly diffuse what's there/with no reaction but calm consideration.’…Paradox is has to Coaxed [lolol]… Explosion is fragmentation [? Destruction] may be heroic [valor]…not Radicalism…but diffuse is ‘Expansion’…for me right path… indeed educative. poetry enjoyed and learnt much Sir…thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS Calmly active and Actively Calm ~ Gita n
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Ivor Hogg 11 June 2010
listen to the still small voice inside and then decide. Sometimes too much consideration of the evidence leads to a stalemate Trust your instincts
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UnKnown Messenger 08 June 2010
I thought that was amazing, maybe a little hard to grasp in the beginning, but in a read or two it really shines through. Never stop writing. ;)
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Romeo Della Valle 06 June 2010
Great work, my friend! You have clearly gotten your message across....Well penned, keep it up! 10+++ (check my poem titled: PARADOX) Love and Peace...
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Ashley grosnickle 04 June 2010
love your pomes all of them sounds grate
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Gillena Cox 29 May 2010
thought provoking; the title reads like a thesis; paradox, surely, the givens the unresolves, the challenges, the future; all, make up the present, and qualify the next second
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there're plenty of choices but i doubt the freedom to choose...don't too many impersonal forces determine our course?
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Joseph Poewhit 28 May 2010
Makes one put on the thinking cap
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Rinki Nandy 27 May 2010
'paradox' or may be it's life in it's ever changing, ever stagnant, ever hopeful n hopeless, ever giving or never giving. good write.
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Joe Ferrara 27 May 2010
i agree with Chitra - it's a thought provoking poem, very profound
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