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I sit at the supper table
dressed as a zebra

until my father shoots me.

Fancy Dinner Party

I look down: fish on a plate stunned
by flame and butter, stuck in spicy dust.
A mysterious cricket-language goes on,
glad and satisfactory. But what if I cannot


An angry boy hides in the weeds, then emerges with a plastic sack
in his hands. The 18-wheeler moves slowly, enormously along
the rough road, like the years to come with nothing clean or sweet or warm.

Yellow Bowl

If light pours like water
into the kitchen where I sway
with my tired children,

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Rachel Contreni Flynn was awarded a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts for 2007. Rachel’s second full-length collection, Tongue, won the Benjamin Saltman Award and is forthcoming from Red Hen Press, and her chapbook, Haywire, is forthcoming from Bright Hill Press. Her first book, Ice, Mouth, Song, was published in 2005 ...

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