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As you sit by yourself, pondering what life means, songs of Blue Jays echo with the beat of your heart. Are we merely players in the act of life, or is it something accepted in fear?

Lost Souls

They're the one's that wanted to be loved; searching for peace in the light of darkness. Like the destruction left in the path of a treacherous storm, their peace may come.


Humanity is for you and me, can you hear life,
or are you deaf.

Freely given, easy forgotten, Who are we whonmade us.


Standing in the shadows no one watching, voices, no one listening who are you? how far will you reach, how far will you grow? Thoughts of death ruled only once.


The shadow that follows whats its name? why do you hear wispers of dispare? how often you listened and felt afraid, Words of loneliness
traps your mind. Searching for others to heal the pain, who will answer at the end game?

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I love humanity, and think on thoughs that think of me. Friends should be for ever. This world is full of
people that are fake, why then should we let debased people into our lives.

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