Unpleasant Light Poem by Ranjit Ravindran

Unpleasant Light

Rating: 4.8

I hardly experience pitch darkness,
In this urban wilderness,
The external world is made over-bright,
Obliterating night with neon light!

That illuminating torrent from street lamp,
Floods my home with the light of gloom;
Even if I close my eyes tight,
It seeps through my eyelids with all its might!

I marvel at man's effort in conquering nature,
Solving a problem, by raising another;
Encasing ourselves in sealed chambers,
We choke and struggle, fret and fume!

In pseudo-illumination,
We lose discrimination;
Of day and night,
Of life and death!

Stacey Watts 07 November 2009

Very well written piece so full of truth and honesty. I enjoyed reading this. Nicely done.

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Mamta Agarwal 07 November 2009

you have developed the theme and content so well. i like the line pseudo illumination- here I feel you are speaking of higher consciousness. a very good piece of writing, Ranjit. Mamta

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 06 November 2009

a lovely poem..the second last marvels an unnatural man..the last speaks the absolute truth

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 05 November 2009

A brilliant, illuminating piece of writing!

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Indira Renganathan 04 November 2009

So many around us...you've chosen a common one in every street house...second stanza speaks out...and the ending is the superb....thank you

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Diane Violet 25 November 2009

One word.........Wow!

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Lalitha iyer 16 November 2009

The lines tell us that the pen is new to us the pen's ink flows into contours rarely seen in your thinking spheres I wonder few only adhere you are a legend on the make your thoughts are quite rare and strikingly incompare I find in the lines a new world of vision a new globe of ideas and genuine fusion the nature lover in you outwitted the Engineer in you Or it seems you are a Humane Enginner...............Lovely ideas, lovely lines and very very exciting and amusing invigorating angle of thinking...............very nice.......

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Nalini Hebbar 14 November 2009

we light up the night not because we fear the dark but because we are scared to be alone in darkness...because then we are forced to look inward....a great composition that stimulates thought

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Brishti Mazumdar 09 November 2009

I hardly experience pitch darkness, Ranjit, Let me apprehend that you miss the patches of darkness in this world of artificial illumination.If so, then I'll like to add that the patches of darkness amidst the concealed sun is so helpful to make us prepared for the ultimate darkness...the ultimate truth....the Death....Loved your thought process...and for that...10+

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Anjali Sinha 09 November 2009

nice very sweet profound words -10 anjali

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