A Google Gossip Poem by Ranjit Ravindran

A Google Gossip

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Google's just an online index,
It doesn't have your website in it;
To find your poems in this cyberspace complex,
The website address is the only permit.

If you post a poem on the net,
Remembering the address is much smarter;
Next time when you want to see it,
Just key in that address into the browser.

This is the way to keep in track,
The assets which we dump online;
If at all this causes a setback,
Google is the only lifeline.

This is in response to 'Where is My Poem? ' by Ms. Marilyn Lott.

Indira Renganathan 11 December 2009

You are 100% right...thanks to you and google..

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Nalini Hebbar 10 December 2009

don't know something...google it! ! ! ...its feels nice to google my name or my son's and see the vast list of results...a boost of self esteem...so many old friends found me thru google...my lifeline for sure!

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James Mclain 10 December 2009

just type in the name of the poem.. example...type in.... The Rim Of Green...space poetry...iip

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george george 20 December 2009

Very cute, if a bit on the sarcastic side. Cleverly written.

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Kesav Easwaran 12 December 2009

online information on online facilities...on-line poetic...neat...10

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Mamta Agarwal 12 December 2009

its not gossip, Ranjit. its useful information delivered poetically. Mamta

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Indira Renganathan 11 December 2009

evil people are adept at betrayal Good people seen off and off scene Rest of the mortals remain sceptical Mother Earth is at her best balancing Wheeling rebirths are nature's reviving trial The creator is yet to be at self portrayal ...this is on the mystery of life.Is that o.k....Pl visit back to read my poem.I hope, my presentation is now understandable...thank you Ranjit

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Indira Babbellapati 11 December 2009

giving lessons on how to use the net? it's long time u did that any way. so njoy!

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